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RePlay by the Outfield CD review

Looking at the list of new releases this summer, one might think it’s still the summer of ’85. Bands like Journey, Night Ranger, Yes and The Cars all have new albums out. Hell, evenWeird Al Yankovic is still going strong in 2011 with a new album titled “Alpocalypse”. So, I guess it’s fitting that one of my favorites from the mid-80′s are back with a brand new album as well. The album is titled “RePlay” and it’s by none other than The Outfield.

The new album is chock full of memorable hooks, sunny harmonies and multi-layered guitars, just like how the band sounded back in their heyday. It’s almost uncanny how lead singer Tony Lewis can hit those high notes as he did way back when. It’s also great to see drummer Alan Jackman back in the fold. Jackman has been sorely missed over the years and so his presence and his style of playing has obviously re-energized the band. As a matter of fact, the new material has a focus and drive that hasn’t been heard from the band since 1987′s “Bangin’” album. This might also be related to the fact that main songwriter/guitarist John Spinks has been battling some health issues these last few years which may have given him all the more reason to put together some “A game” material this time out.

With all three original members in place, the band seems revitalized. And RePlay, with its upbeat and oh-so melodic tunes, is a perfect addition to this summer’s soundtrack. It’s too bad the band won’t be out on tour this summer to support the new release. Spinks is still dealing with health issues so live gigs are unfortunately out of the question. Anyway, purchase the album, turn up the volume and have a rockin’ retro summer!

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McCartney and McCartney II deluxe remasters to be released in June

Finally after months of fan speculation, Paul McCartney’s management has posted an official announcement concerning the next releases in the “Archive Collection” series. MPL/Concord Records will be releasing deluxe remastered versions of McCartney (1970) and McCartney II(1980) on June 7th, 2011.

Looks like the “super deluxe” editons for both albums are the way to go for McCartney fans since it’ll include the bonus DVDs as well as the 128-page hardbound book. My wallet will be taking a hit when getting both editions but at least Concord will be spreading these re-releases out so that I’ll have time to *save up* for the next set of releases. Hopefully the next batch will include “Ram” and “Wings over America”. WOA with it’s original muffled mid-range-y sound definitely could use a new remix or better quality remastering job.

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Journey announces 2011 U.S. summer dates for the Eclipse Tour

Journey will be back hitting the outdoor sheds across the U.S. this summer. Along for the ride this time around will be Night Ranger and Foreigner. Yeah, I know, the tour lineup is a bitstale especially Night Ranger since they toured with Journey the last go round in 2009. I was hoping for a more interesting “combo” of bands but I guess in terms of “classic rock bands” that are actively touring, there aren’t all that many to choose from that share a common fanbase with Journey. I’m still debating whether to get tickets for this tour but I’m definitely getting the new album, Eclipse which will hit Walmart shelves May 24th.

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Queen 40th Anniversary remastered reissues 2011

It’s hard to believe but 2011 is indeed the 40th anniversary of the legendary rock group,Queen. Even though lead singer, Freddie Mercury is no longer with us, their music continues to live on and manages to make an impact with each and every new generation. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the band, Universal Music Group will be reissuing all 15 studio albums as deluxe remastered editions which will include additional bonus material. As a fan myself, I’m always a bit leery when a record company wants to “remaster” classic albums but knowing that renowned engineer Bob Ludwig is overseeing the audio for this whole project, I’m actually looking forward to hearing these.

The first five reissues should be available (outside of the US) sometime in March 2011. Hollywood Records will be handling the U.S. reissues but I haven’t seen an official release date yet… Each deluxe edition reissues will feature bonus tracks. Here’s a listing of the bonus tracks from the first 5 albums.

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Louis C.K.’s new show on FX – Louie

Did you guys catch the premiere of Louis C.K.‘s new show “Louie” on FX this week? They’ve been promoting the hell out of the show for months so it’s great to see that it lived up to the hype. As a matter of fact, “Louie” is probably my favorite new TV show right now. I’m not that pleased with the 11pm time slot but with the R-rated language, I guess that’s what they had to do to be on basic cable.

The show is a bit like Seinfeld with stand-up bits weaved-in with the storylines but there are unexpected left turns (i.e. the opening poker scene and the part when Louie’s date got into a helicopter for a quick getaway. heh) that definitely brings the tried and true framework to another level.

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When you can't rely on your friends for relationship advice

I always have to laugh whenever I catch a glimpse of the popular TV series "Sex in the City" while channel surfing. Every episode revolves around these friends revealing the most intimate details about their personal lives. As a typical guy, this type of behavior is totally foreign to me. Come on, you won't catch us guys sitting around in a restaurant discussing our relationship issues with one another. Nope, whenever the guys get together, it's all about getting some grub, downing some beer and watching the game. Opening up to one another and revealing our insecurities is simply NOT DONE in a Man's World.

So what do guys do when we're in need of some relationship advice? Thank the Lord for the internet!! Websites like are tailor made for those that want their relationship questions answered in the privacy of their own laptop. The site offers helpful tips and advice on a wide array of topics for the newly dating and all the way to the well worn & married. Whether you need tips on keeping your relationship fresh or maybe some parenting advice, got you covered.

I like the variety of resources available on the site. Not only do they offer well written articles but also features online videos created by experts in the field as well as listings of recommended reading material. One video of note is the one featuring CSI:NY actor Hill Harper. I wasn't aware that he's a best-selling author as well. In the video, Harper mentions a concept called "Conversation Parties" in which everyone simply goes "offline" (meaning no computers, cellphones or TV) and just TALK to one another. It's a simple concept but it's amazing what can happen when we can focus on one another and keep all the electronic distractions at bay. So when you can't open up to your friends or family about some of the issues you're facing, why not try Strengthen your relationships today. You can also find them on facebook as well. Be sure to like them to get updates and exclusive info.