Remove A Dent From A Refrigerator With Dry Ice

As we know, people come up with many interesting uses for dry ice.  We’ve seen dry ice used in stage effects, used in food decorations, and dry ice has even been used to exterminate insects.  In this case we will be talking about removing dents from your refrigerator using dry ice.

The Issue And Solution

Stainless steel refrigerators are owned by people and companies.  These refrigerators can get dented from time to time.  Now these dents usually do not impact the performance of the refrigerator, but they definitely don’t look the best.  Dry ice is here to help.  Below are the steps that you can follow to try and pop the dent out easily and inexpensively.

What You Need

  • A few chunks of dry ice
  • Hair dryer
  • And of course a dented stainless steel refrigerator

What To Do

  1. Clean the area that is being fixed.  Nothing special here, just use a rag and clean it as normal.
  2. Heat the dent using the hair dryer.  The heat from the hair dryer should make the metal somewhat warm.  Try not to overheat the metal.
  3. Apply dry ice to the center of the dent.  Rub the dry ice in a circular fashion to cool the entire area.
  4. Remove the dry ice and wait for a few minutes for the dent to react.  The dent should, almost magically, pop out.
  5. If the dent does not totally pop out, repeat this several times until the dent is gone.


Always use dry ice safely.  Know all of the safety precautions before using dry ice.  Here are a few of the dry ice safety precautions that we recommend:

  • Always use dry ice in a well ventilated area
  • Never touch dry ice with your bare hands


This fix has not been tested on all types of refrigerators.  Please research and know if this can be applied to your refrigerator before performing. is not responsible for the outcome.

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