Can You Make Dry Ice At Home?

This is a very common question about dry ice.  Many people do not know how dry ice is made and they may not even know what dry ice is.  Dry ice is not typically made at home.   Bottom line, leave the dry ice creation to the professionals… they have the equipment and experience.

What Dry Ice Is And How It’s Made

Dry ice is nothing more than frozen carbon dioxide.  That means that you can’t raid your fridge, pull out a carrot and some old bologna and somehow make dry ice.  It is true that carbon dioxide is in the air around us, but the carbon dioxide that dry ice is made from is pure/filtered carbon dioxide.  Dry ice also comes from liquid carbon dioxide and not the gas form of carbon dioxide.  Liquid carbon dioxide only exists on earth under pressurization.  To see a full description on how dry ice is made, check out

My Thoughts

Okay, so by now you are probably guessing that there is a lot involved in making dry ice at home.  You need a ton of equipment and liquid carbon dioxide.  This is why I say that it is best just to buy the dry ice from the store.  Dry ice can be purchased from places all around you and it’s pretty inexpensive.  Common places that sell dry ice are ice stores, grocery stores, ice cream parlors, and party stores.  Save yourself the hassle and stick to buying it.

Is It Really Possible?

Okay, for some reason you really need to be able to make dry ice at home.  Yes, it is possible to make dry ice.  There are a couple different ways to create dry ice at home.  Again, I do not think they are very practical or very safe.  Because of that I won’t go in to the details, but here are a few different ways that I have heard of to make dry ice:

  • You can create dry ice by spraying a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher in to a bag.
  • If you have pressurized liquid carbon dioxide, you can use a product called Frost-Stick to turn it in to dry ice.
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