How Is Dry Ice Sold?

Dry ice is sold in a few different forms.  The most common form that dry ice is sold in is block form (or block slices).  When the general public buys dry ice, they usually buy dry ice blocks.  Most of the fun experiments and projects use pieces of dry ice blocks.  Dry ice is also sold in pellets.  Pellets are usually sold in 1/2 inch diameter.  The 1/2 inch dry ice pellets are mainly for general use.  Dry ice pellets also come in a smaller size.  The smaller dry ice pellets are 1/8 inch diameter (commonly called rice pellets).  These are usually used for dry ice blasting.

Dry ice is sold around the country and around the world.  Dry ice can be found at many different types of places including grocery stores, ice cream stores, distributers, and more.

Which To Use

Deciding what type of dry ice to buy is really easy.  Here is a list of some common uses of dry ice and which forms are commonly used.

  • Experiments  -  Blocks
  • Fog or other fun stuff  -  Blocks
  • Shipping  -  Pellets and Blocks
  • Refridgerator/Freezer broken  -  Blocks
  • Dry ice blasting  -  Pellets (small)
  • Medical transportation  -  Pellets


Dry ice has quite a range in price.  It can usually range anywhere from $1.00 anywhere up to $3.00.  Price varies based on location, supply, demand, and distance from manufacturer/distributer.

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