How To Dispose Of Dry Ice?

So, you’ve had tons of fun with your dry ice… You’ve made dry ice fog… you’ve wowed the kids… now you need to get rid of the leftover dry ice.  You will need to know how to dispose of dry ice.  Disposing of dry ice properly is very easy and requires very little effort.

How To Dispose Of Dry Ice

The best method for disposing of dry ice is to just let is sublimate in to the atmosphere.  Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide at -109.3 °F, so it will sublimate away on its own over time.  You always want to place the dry ice outside and away from all kids and animals.  Dry ice can be dangerous if you do not know how to use it, so please keep it away from the kids.

TIP:  If you have a styrofoam container, place dry ice in container and crack the lid.  This will add extra protection to ensure that kids or pets do not get a hold of the dry ice.

How NOT To Dispose Of Dry Ice

  • Do not flush dry ice down the toilet or sink.  Dry ice is very cold and can damage the toilet or sink pipes/parts.
  • Do not put dry ice in garbage receptacles or down garbage shoots.
  • Do not place dry ice in garbage disposals.
  • Do not dump dry ice down a sewer.
  • Do not place dry ice where children or pets can access it.
  • Do not place dry ice on tile, glass, or laminate surface.  Dry ice can sometimes cause these types of surfaces to be damaged or break.
  • Do not dispose of in a confined space.  This could cause high amounts of CO2 gas buildup which could be deadly to people in the confined space.
  • Do not place in an air tight container.  CO2 gas will buildup and could cause an explosion.
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