Dry Ice MistyStix


MistyStix are an amazing product that is bringing dry ice fun and safety to another level. This innovative product allows people of all ages to enjoy turning regular drinks in to dry ice smoking drinks.  The product is super simple and the end result is AWESOME!

How It Works

MistyStix are a special type of swizzle stick that is made to hold dry ice pellets. For maximum safety, the device has a tamper resistant holder for the dry ice. You merely pop open the end of the MistyStix, put in a piece of dry ice, and close the lid. You are now ready to stick it in your favorite drink.  The result is amazing as the smoke pours out of the drink.

The dry ice fog itself is created by a reaction of the extremely cold dry ice and the liquid it is placed in.  Click here to read more on how dry ice fog is created.

What We Like About These

  • MistyStix come in many shapes and colors. This provides even more style when accenting your favorite drink.
  • The tamper proof swizzle stick allows even little kids to enjoy the dry ice fog without getting hurt.
  • The MistyStix are sized to fit standard dry ice pellets.




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