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When we think of a glacier, we think about the beautiful gigantic chunks of ice in the far north.  A recent discovery has scientists thinking that glaciers exist on Mars made out of dry ice. Dry Ice Glaciers In Kreslavsky and Head’s article titled “Carbon dioxide glaciers on Mars: Products of recent low obliquity epochs”,… Read more

In early to mid nineteen hundreds, the US engaged in a few tests to modify the path and strength of hurricanes by using dry ice. The most known case of using dry ice to modify hurricanes was in 1947.  This dry ice experiment was conducted by the United States Weather Bureau as part of Project… Read more

Halloween is coming up. Make sure you have your dry ice ready! Here is a simple way to create some spooky bubbling potions using dry ice. What You Will Need Some clear glass containers to put your bubbling potions in. You will want to get tall glass vases or a triangle beaker shaped glass vase… Read more

Dry ice is known for keeping things cold.  There are tons of different reasons to use dry ice to keep things cold… here are a few.  Long camping trips, medication transportation, flower delivery, and ice cream delivery.  In this article I want to talk about how the retro looking ice cream trike, Icicle Tricycles, that… Read more

Industrial Gases is a supplier/manufacture of medical and industrial gases.  They are located in Sapugaskanda Sri Lanka.  Industrial Gases has announced that they will start the production of dry ice.  This will be added to their already wide range of gases including Oxygen, CO2, Argon, Helium, and many more. Industrial Gases uses it’s new plant… Read more

When people think about cooking and desserts, they think hot… well what about cold?  We have many articles that talk about how dry ice can be used in cooking.  This article takes a little different approach as we talk about how to use dry ice as a cooktop. What Is A Dry Ice Cooktop A… Read more